Wednesday, 14 November 2018


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Support for Early Permanence/FFA Carersadoption concurrency

Throughout your enquiry, application and training, you will be offered a high level of ongoing support and guidance from qualified professionals in the fostering and adoption recruitment and assessment teams of the relevant local authority. If this is thought to be the right option for you, a social worker will work with you, carrying out your assessment and making sure you are fully prepared for this role. For more information on Support for Early Permanence Carers click here.

 After you have been approved, you will be supported by your local authority adoption/fostering team and possible placements will be discussed with you. You will be given as much information as possible about any child placed with you to enable both you and the social workers involved to consider the match appropriate for both the fostering stage and also the potential to be a long term match if adoption becomes the plan.

Since April 2015 Concurrent or Fostering for Adoption Carers have been entitled to claim adoption leave and pay (if they are eligible for them) from the point of a child being placed with them under early permanence arrangements. They are also entitled to the LA fostering allowance as they are, at this stage acting as foster carers for the child. For more information on adoption leave and pay click here.

 Adoption has permanent implications for you and the child. Post-adoption support services will be available to you through the local authority that placed the child, offering advice, information and support.